Affordable and structured fees

Berniaud Avocats strives to adapt its fees based on the services and types of disputes so that the firm is accessible to all. Below is a detailed explanation of our fee structure.


You are a new client?

At Berniaud Avocat, all new clients are received in our offices for a first meeting so they can meet with the attorney(s) who will undertake their case.

The purpose of the first meeting is to meet each other, to define the clients’ problems and needs, and determine the type of services they expect.

In agreement with the client, the firm can determine the fee structure best suited to the case. A fee agreement is then written and signed by both the attorney and the client.

A retainer fee is required at the beginning and invoices may be sent periodically based on the advancement of the case or procedure.

The firm also deals with clients as part of legal protection, legal aid, or when employers pay for the firm’s fees.


Honoraire Temps passé

For hourly-based services, attorneys inform clients about their hourly rate and those of their associates or partners.

At any time, clients can ask for a detailed report of the hours and services carried out.


Honoraire au forfais

In these situations, attorneys invoice clients for a global sum covering the entire service to be delivered, and no extra support can take place without client approval.

Clients can also contract an annual retainer service with a set number of hours per year.


Honoraires complémentaires de résultat

Attorneys may ask for a contingency fee on top of their regular fees. This must be determined at the time agreements are signed with clients.

This contingency fee is based on the sums clients may receive or on the savings they make.
However the law prohibits calculating total fees on the sole result of the case.


Honoraire Débours

Clients are also expected to cover ancillary costs incurred by attorneys to deal with the case (travel and lodging, proceedings, bailiffs, etc.)

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